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Feedback from people I've worked with

As a workshop leader

  • "If asked prior to the day whether I would have both engaged and enjoyed being part of a choir I would have replied 100% no. Having taken part in the experience, my fears and reservations were totally wrong, such that I shared my experiences of the day with friends and family who were amazed that the performance was delivered following a mere one-hour session. Thanks again for opening my mind during a session that taught me a lot about myself, and more importantly, what I can achieve in both professional and personal circumstances." - Peter Butterworth, Manager, LaFarge Tarmac

  • "Before the process started I had my doubts as to how effective the choral consultancy would be. I soon changed my mind! Tim put a lot of effort into finding out what the choir and its members were about - he understands our ethos. The workshops turned out to be highly informative, encouraging, and above all - fun! I came out of each workshop exhausted and buzzing - they increased the pleasure of singing. The choir is now implementing lots of Tim's suggestions and hopefully our future performances will show the results of the process. Thanks, Tim, for a wonderful experience." - Ingrid Green, Clarion Choir, Nottingham

  • "In over 30 years of corporate team building events, this is by far the best programme I have been involved with!" - Workplace Choir member, RSM International accountants

As a vocal coach/musical director

  • "Thank you for your great help during the rehearsal period. As always you are an inspiration to those you work with, both professional and non-professional alike..." – Hugh Wooldridge, Director / producer, The Night of 1000 Voices©

  • "I have been singing in choirs for around forty years. Never in all this time have I been privileged to work with a better vocal coach and arranger than Tim Allen. His extensive musical knowledge, experience and enthusiasm have been outstanding." – Brian Whelan, amateur singer, Sheffield

  • "Tim is a superb colleague, an outstanding musician and a terrific musical director. Professional without being arrogant; focussed without being intense and relaxed without being laid back, he has an admirable ability to earn respect, trust and affection from the people he works with and to always put the work first." – Benet Catty, director, Enchanted

As a composer/arranger

  • "(Olympic Triptych) was ambitious, of high quality, and very exciting." - Liz Coates, Sheffield Bach Choir

  • "I enjoyed your piece... it was really effective in the way you wrote for all the different groups, and the music itself was just the right balance between originality and accessibility." - Darius Battiwalla, conductor, Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus

  • "Highly effective passacaglia... completely overpowering" - featured review

  • "Thank you so much for writing this fantastic piece (Bring the music back home) - my choir love it!" - Sarah Stroh, director, Jubilate ladies' choir

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