Music engraving & transcription

Music engraving is the subtle art of creating musical notation that is clear to read and beautiful to look at. Whilst it has a long history, stretching from hand-engraving through the plate-engraving of the early publishing era, most modern music engraving is done using computer software (such as Dorico, Finale, Lilypond, Sibelius etc). Transcription is the process of taking music that hasn't been written down and notating it.

There are various services I can offer around music engraving and transcription:

  • Converting a hand-written score into typeset notation

  • Listening to recordings of a piece of music and notating it

  • Tidying up an existing computer-generated score to raise it to publishing quality

  • Proof-reading an existing score and making suggestions for improvements in the notation (and optionally, making these improvements)

I produce scores using Dorico, and can accept scores to work from in PDF, MP3, Dorico, Sibelius, MuseScore and MusicXML formats. Other formats may be possible by mutual agreement.


Music engraving rates are £36/hour (inc. VAT).

Transcription rates are £60/hour (inc. VAT).

Other methods of calculating rates can be agreed, including per-page, and per-project.

Contact me to discuss your needs.