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Workshop leader

Timothy has significant experience of working with choirs, running one-off workshops to further particular aspects of performance. Sometimes an external perspective can breathe new life into an ensemble that has been singing together for some time. Timothy works with the existing director of the choir to understand what is needed from the workshop, and delivers it in a way that supports the existing leadership. Perhaps one of the most important ingredients that Timothy can bring to these workshops is excitement - adding that extra little "zing" that makes the difference between a good performance and a great one.

Choral consultancy

Timothy's Choral Consultancy package includes an in-depth meeting with the existing chorus leader and other stakeholders (committee members, accompanists), an observation of a standard rehearsal, then a series of bespoke workshops aimed at unlocking the choir's full potential. This is a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience, often resulting in the choir taking their performances, and rehearsals, to a new level.


Timothy's vocal arrangements have been highly praised by choral professionals in the UK and USA. To commission an arrangement for your choir, get in touch so we can discuss what you need. There is a signficant back catalogue of arrangements that Timothy has already produced for existing choirs, most of which is available for sale. Get in touch to find out more.

Rehearsal CDs

Using session singers of the highest calibre, and a professional digital recording studio, Timothy can create rehearsal CDs that help amateur choirs to keep their singers learning between rehearsals. The standard format for rehearsal tracks is for the featured vocal line to appear in one speaker, with the other vocal lines in the other speaker, to enable practicing both with and without the accompanying vocal parts. Other formats can be produced on request. Fees for this service vary depending on the format the music is provided in, as well as the complexity, length and number of tracks required.

Vocal coach

Sadly, Timothy's busy work schedule doesn't permit him to take on individual students on an ongoing basis. However, he may be available for one-off sessions to address particular needs. These are normally by invitation only, but if you have a particular desire for a one-off vocal coaching session with Timothy, get in touch and he may consider working with you.

Timothy also runs a network of amateur singing groups across Yorkshire and the East Midlands - for more information, visit www.bevox.co.uk

If you work for a large company, you could ask them to consider running a workplace choir. Point them towards www.theworkplacechoir.co.uk to find out more.


Fees are open for discussion, depending on the needs and resources of the client. As a guide, vocal coaching, workshops and consultancy are priced around £30 per hour, plus VAT. Other fees, such as travelling costs, may be applicable. Arranging fees and rehearsal CD recording must be discussed individually, as there are many factors which affect the price. All fees are fixed before work begins.